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6th January 2014

Le Monde des Avengers
Chapeau Melon et Bottes de Cuir

The French website Le Monde des Avengers website, run by Philo and Steed3003, opens a presence on the social network Facebook.
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6th February 2014

Patrick Macnee

United States
of America
Rupert Macnee, who had opened his father's official website in 2000 and had been maintaining it ever since, launches a new, totally redesigned version to celebrate Patrick Macnee's 92nd birthday.
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16th June 2014

John Steed's Flat
Christine Stutz opens John Steed's Flat for all to see. The site is set up as a tribute to both the character of John Steed and the actor who brought it to life, Patrick Macnee.
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20th June 2014

The Velvet Web
The Secrets Trust

United Kingdom
Spaceship Dispatcher, who runs a website and blog called The Velvet Web, presents his first Avengers fanfic story, a Doctor Who crossover called The Secrets Trust, illustrated by Andrew Skilleter.
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9th September 2014

The Nice Rooms
United Kingdom
Alan Hayes of The Avengers Declassified is interviewed by Gary Radice of The Nice Rooms website, coinciding with the publication of With Umbrella, Scotch and Cigarettes, Alan's second Avengers book, co-written with Richard McGinlay.
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