Written by Brian Clemens

Synopsis based upon camera script

A young man in his twenties lies sleeping in a hospital bed, hooked up to both a saline drip and a heart monitor. He is presided over by Gross, a surgeon, and Topski, an important Russian official. Gross informs the incredulous Topski that the man is Bobby Lomax, a legendary Russian double agent who managed to infiltrate MI5 and rise to the level of deputy controller nine years earlier. Gross reveals that Lomax will awaken soon, and when he does, he will be provided with his usual accoutrements, collected on a side table: his trademark black sobranie cigarettes, his favourite Scotch whisky, and a box of tissues to help him cope with his chronic case of hay fever.

Gross and Topski depart so that Gross may introduce Topski to his "prototype", Ivan Nevsky, an old schoolmate of the now 60-year-old Topski, who is amazed to discover his friend is now a fit, 19-year-old man. Before the pair can get reacquainted, a nurse hurries over, alerting the men that Lomax has gone. Returning swiftly to the hospital room, they find that a quarter of the Scotch is missing, a handful of tissues has been purloined, and the cigarettes are gone. Gross is certain that Lomax has gone after Steed. He tells Topski that Steed killed Lomax, and Lomax will undoubtedly want to return the favour!

Meanwhile, a Lotus Elan is racing a speeding train. The driver, Mrs. Samantha Peel, makes it to the station just in time to leap aboard the moving train. She quickly makes her way to one of the sleeper cars, only to find Steed looking into the barrels of a shotgun. After a brief scuffle with the man brandishing the weapon, Steed intervenes, informing Sam that her opponent is American agent Christopher Cambridge, to whom Steed was showing the shotgun he planned to use on an upcoming shoot. Chris and Sam exchange apologies, then quickly turn to the business at hand. Both have intercepted messages indicating that someone intends to kill Steed. Unbeknownst to them, Lomax is onboard the training, sneezing away.

Despite Chris and Sam's best efforts, Steed refuses to believe that anyone has a reason to kill him. Despite being on the active list, he spends most of his time mixing with various high-ranking officials and dignitaries, not clashing with enemy agents out in the field. Chris is undeterred, and reveals that the would-be killer is Lomax. Steed is now even less willing to take the threats seriously—he killed Lomax five years ago! He leaves the sleeper and makes for the dining car, and it is only Chris and Sam's presence that prevents Lomax from taking a shot at him.

The three agents have lunch in the dining car, and Steed explains that Lomax would be old and grey by now--and still sneezing. A sneeze from another dining car occupant startles them, but the source is a woman. As Steed laughs at the possibility of Lomax returning from the dead as a woman, the real Lomax lurks in the rear of the car, smoking his black sobranies and biding his time.

Chris and Sam accompany Steed to his hotel, still unsuccessfully trying to persuade him that his life is in danger. He makes his way to his room accompanied by Lomax, disguised as the hotel porter, while Chris and Sam resolve to search the hotel for their assassin. They find many old, grey, sneezing men, but the real Lomax is in Steed's room, unpacking his suitcase while Steed lays out his things in the bathroom. Lomax finds Steed's shotgun and loads it, carrying on a conversation with Steed about the piece as he does so. When Steed realises that Lomax knows more about the gun than he should, he moves out into the main room, only to find Lomax pointing the weapon at him. Steed, disbelieving, identifies Lomax as his assailant!

Chris and Sam's search of the building has come up empty. They meet up and decide to search the grounds next, but run into the real hotel porter, who complains that a man asked him to park his car, despite not having a car to park! Chris and Sam twig, and race up to Steed's room, bursting in just as Lomax is about to kill Steed. Sam dropkicks him out the nearest window, and he lands with a piece of glass protruding from his chest. Chris is annoyed—Steed confirms that his assailant was indeed Lomax, and Chris would have liked to take him alive. The agents agree that, despite his puzzling resurrection, Lomax is definitely dead this time, but when they look out the window once more, they find the body had vanished! Chris and Sam spring into action, but are too late to do more than catch a glimpse of a retreating truck.

Inside the truck, Gross and an intern examine Lomax. The intern is certain that Lomax is dead, but Gross detects brain activity. If Lomax's brain is alive, Gross argues, there is hope.

Steed, despite Sam's protestations, refuses to cancel his plans to attend his grouse shoot, nor will he accept any offers of protection. He is convinced Lomax is dead for good now, and leaves it up to Chris and Sam to investigate how he came back to life to begin with.

Chris suggests they begin their investigations back at square one by investigating the "original-dead-and-buried" Lomax. They read Lomax's file, and view surveillance footage taken of Lomax's death. The film depicts Lomax waiting to hand off top secret files to a contact from the other side. He is met by Steed instead, and a fight ensues. Lomax pulls a gun, but ends up shooting himself in the chest in the ensuing struggle. He seemingly collapses and dies from the bullet wound. Chris and Sam agree that Lomax looks dead, but before they can screen the film again to be sure, they are interrupted by Dr. Pinner, who has exhumed Lomax's body on their instructions. He confirms that the body is Lomax's, as the fingerprints and dental records match. He watches the film with them, and is surprised to discover that Lomax died of a shot to the chest. The body he exhumed also had a head wound!

Gross has successfully resurrected Lomax in a new body, another young man in his twenties which bears no resemblance at all to his previous iteration. Lomax is eager to take another shot at Steed, but Gross states that eliminating Sam and Chris must take priority. Their investigations may endanger the entire project. Reluctantly, Lomax agrees, but not before placing a call.

Chris and Sam pay a visit to Ginger Douglas, a dance instructor and Lomax's ex-mistress. She states categorically that Lomax is dead—she attended the funeral and saw them bury the coffin. She also confides that it is the anniversary of the first time Lomax sent her flowers. The florist made a mistake and sent her eleven red roses and one daffodil, instead of the dozen roses Lomax intended. Every year after that, as a private joke, he sent her eleven roses and a daffodil. It was a secret only the pair of them knew. Just then, one of Ginger's dance students interrupts, bearing a bouquet delivered for Ginger. It contains eleven roses and one daffodil!

Chris phones the florist, but is told only that the order was placed by a man. Ginger is now convinced Lomax is alive, but at a loss as to how that could be possible. Chris and Sam leave, but Lomax is parked outside Ginger's studio, and decides to follow them. Before he can drive away, Ginger looks out the window to watch Chris and Sam depart. She catches Lomax's eye, and they share a look before Lomax drives away, leaving Ginger ill-at-ease.

Lomax pursues Chris and Sam, gun in hand, lining up a shot. Before he can make it, Sam receives a message over her in car radio, informing her that a man named Weir wishes to discuss Lomax with them. Sam abruptly turns the Lotus around to make her way to Weir's, causing Lomax to lose his shot, but not to end his pursuit.

Chris and Sam pay a visit to the home of retired agent Freddy Weir. Weir explains that he was the one who uncovered Lomax's treachery. Consequently, Weir believes that if Lomax finds him, he will kill him. Chris and Sam ask how this can happen if Lomax is dead himself. Freddy reveals that he is a staunch believer in reincarnation. He owns animals he believes to be the reincarnated versions of deceased friends and family, and states that he has had many past lives himself. Chris and Sam are incredulous, but Weir insists that this is how Lomax has returned in a new body. Before he can say any more, Lomax, who has followed Chris and Sam to Weir's home, shoots him through the window. Sam stays with the dying man while Chris gives chase. As he fades, Weir tells Sam not mourn him, as he'll be coming back again soon enough, this time, he hopes, as a Pomeranian dog!

Chris loses Lomax, but finds his car. When he investigates, Lomax, hidden inside, launches a surprise attack. A fight ensues that sees Lomax's own gun discharge on himself. Wounded, Lomax drives away, but not before Chris reaches in the car window and grabs at his hair—which slides off. Chris is left with a wig, but loses Lomax.

Back at Weir's, Sam phones the Ministry's clean-up crew to take care of Weir's body before leaving with Chris. As they drive away, Sam is amazed to see a Pomeranian dog running toward Weir's house!

Chris has uncovered the maker of Lomax's wig, printed on a label sewn inside: Thatcher Arkwright. Chris and Sam visit the wigmaker, who bases his wigs on weaves more commonly used to construct the roofs of cottages. They show Arkwright the wig, and he recalls that he made it for a medical man, Professor Wyndham, but does not know where he lives.

Lomax, grievously injured, only just manages to make it back to the hospital. Gross is annoyed at his carelessness in losing another body, but works to save him. With Lomax fading fast, Gross orders one of his interns to locate a new "donor". The intern protests that the only available donor is unsuitable, but Gross brushes off his concerns, informing his subordinate that they will operate immediately.

Chris and Sam retreat to her home, where they do some research in an attempt to locate Professor Wyndham. Chris discovers that Wyndham is a distinguished neurologist, but the accompanying photograph depicts a man with too much hair to require a wig.

Wyndham is, as it happens, Gross' prisoner, held against his will and forced to act as a consultant on Gross' "project". Gross pays the Professor a visit in confinement, and asks if the Professor's techniques will still hold true regardless of the gender of the patient. Wyndham confirms that they will. Gross returns to the operating theatre and continues the operation. He is also informed that a delegation of important Russian officials will be coming to the hospital the next day to meet Lomax. Gross is confident that Lomax's recent "death" will not prevent the meeting.

Chris and Sam go to Wyndham's hospital posing as a reporter and photographer. They tell the receptionist they have an appointment to interview Wyndham, and she departs to consult the Russian delegation, seated in a glassed-in VIP area off the lobby. Chris recognises one of the men as Colonel Topski of the KGB. They are soon joined by Gross, posing as Wyndham, who informs them that he cannot possibly be interviewed that day, and sends them away. Chris and Sam are not so easily deterred. They leave the hospital and drive away, but park nearby and return on foot, intent on breaking in. They split up and take different routes into the building.

Sam finds herself in a room containing the dead bodies of the last two Lomaxs. Further investigation takes her to the hospital room containing Lomax Three, face swathed in bandages. Unaware of the significance of the person in the bed, Sam departs, just before Lomax sneezes. She turns her attentions to a room marked "Strictly Private", and finds the imprisoned Professor Wyndham inside. Wyndham tells her that Gross took over the hospital three months ago, and has been holding him prisoner ever since.

Chris makes his way to Gross' office, and reads the man's papers. Gross, having unveiled the new Lomax to the delegates, brings them to his office, forcing Chris to hastily conceal himself behind the curtains. He listens to Gross explain the procedure to the delegates. He is performing brain transplants by moving the portions of the brain responsible for memory and personality from the dying body to healthy donor bodies. He describes the possibilities of the surgery, which would allow the Russians to keep their great thinkers and leaders alive for more than twice their natural lifespan. Wyndham had pioneered the science, hoping to use it for the good of mankind, but Gross has hijacked it for his own ends.

News of Chris and Sam's break-in reaches Gross, and he quickly finds Chris in his hiding place. Topski recognises him as an American agent, and people are dispatched to search for Sam. Gross decides to seize the opportunity to demonstrate his surgery technique to the delegates, using Chris as a donor body to serve as host for his henchman Yakoff's brother Boris' brain. They escort Chris to the operating theatre, but are observed by Sam and Wyndham. Sam leaves Wyndham in hiding and follows Chris.

Not far from the operating theatre, Chris is taken to a room containing an aquarium filled with human brains, all hooked up via wires and tubes to various equipment meant to keep them alive. About to be injected with a sedative for his operation, Chris breaks free and a fight ensues. Chris incapacitates Gross and his colleagues just before Sam arrives. They exit into the corridor, where Yakoff is searching for them. Chris pretends that the operation has taken place, and poses as Yakoff's brother Boris, knocking him out before Boris can question the deception, while Sam incapacitates an intern. They are soon joined by Wyndham, but are caught by Nevsky, another transplant patient. As he is about to shoot them, he suffers a fit, and collapses into a coma. Chris sends Sam to find Lomax while he and Wyndham examine the unconscious man. The donor brain has rejected the new tissue. The surgery is not the sure thing Wyndham believed. Sam returns with news that Lomax has gone. She and Chris have no doubts as to who he'll try to find—Steed!

Chris and Sam fly out to the manor where Steed is enjoying his grouse shoot. They ask Steed's host where to find him, and his wife informs them that Steed drove back to the house with someone who sneezed...

Steed is busy lighting the black sobranie cigarette of the third iteration of Lomax, this one an attractive woman. The moment his back is turned, Lomax pulls a gun, but Steed wheels around and throws his drink in her face before knocking her out. The combination of the cigarettes and hay fever tipped him off as to Lomax's true identity. Chris and Sam arrive a moment later, in time to assure Steed that he hasn't broken his cardinal rule against hitting women. Despite his new donor body, Lomax doesn't count...

Chris and Sam return to Steed's for a spot of riding. Steed reveals that the powers that be wish for Chris and Sam to continue to work as a team. Their new remit will include Britain, Europe, and the U.S. The new partners ride off together and the scene fades.

Written by J. Ferguson
Synopsis based upon camera script

With thanks to Dave Rogers and Dave Matthews for their kind assistance and/or previous researches


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